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Writer, English professor on leave, mom, Believer, singer, reader, guiltily addicted to Frontierville on Facebook.
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2 Responses to www.splinter4all.com

  1. Really enjoyed this Twana. Rachael

    • twanabiram says:

      Thanks, Rachel!

      I shared it with my cousins, who are now 43, and they loved it. Aunt Thelma died a few years ago and Uncle Ray lives with Lisa who still lives in California. Laura is a missionary in Africa and was delighted with the blog as well. Lisa shared the link on her Fb page and I was so happy to hear the remarks–as much as about how beloved my aunt was as the kind words about the writing. (A bigger audience for my blog, maybe?) My niece, who is doing the family history, said, “I got lost in your logs! They are wonderful. I remember when you taught us “Blowin’ in the Wind” (she’s a music teacher and an amazing singer and musician and she says it is because of all the time I spent teaching them folk songs). I am going to print these out and put them with the family history.” That was such a blessing!

      Thanks, Rachel, for your kind words. ((hugs))


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